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All content [images, logos, text, HTML, design, tutorials, etc.] within the Up All Nite Web site, unless otherwise noted, is the sole and exclusive property of Up All Nite Digital Art Studios and MAY NOT be utilized, altered, edited, reproduced, distributed or displayed elsewhere in any form, whole or in part, without express written permission.

The only content that may be acquired from this site is that which is designated as "Free Bryce Goodies" or "The Galactic Preset Collection". These are free for non-commercial Web sites and are not to be included as part of any collection, personal or commercial.
In addition, our "Banners, Buttons & Logos" may be appropriated for linking purposes only, as long as, the aforementioned are not "hotlinked" from our Web server.

Our digital images, when requested for use, are intended for paid licensed commercial purposes. A "Licensing Fee" will be imposed on the use of all such digital images. As a general rule, we do not authorize our images for personal use. In certain cases, we may grant, at our discretion, personal use as long as the image displays its original copyright or is accompanied by our standard copyright: Up All Nite Digital Art Studios.
Please send these requests to the Webmaster ... niteman@upallnitestudios.com

Terms of License:
» Up All Nite Digital Art Studios will grant the Licensee a non-exclusive, revocable License to use the "Licensed Image(s)" for the "Licensed Purpose" for the duration of the agreed upon Term.
» The Licensee agrees to pay Up All Nite Digital Art Studios the "Licensing Fee" in consideration for/and prior to the grant of the License. The Licensee agrees and acknowledges that by paying the "Licensing Fee" to Up All Nite Digital Art Studios that the Licensee accepts the terms of the License as discussed herein.
» The Licensee acknowledges and understands that the copyright and all intellectual property rights in connection with the "Licensed Image(s)" remains the property of Up All Nite Digital Art Studios.
» The License is revocable and will automatically terminate for non-payment or cancellation of payment of the "Licensing Fee", in which case the Licensee shall cease to use the "Licensed Image(s)" immediately.
» The License is revocable and will automatically terminate if the Licensee uses the "Licensed Image(s)" for a purpose other than the "Licensed Purpose".
» The Licensee may not sub-license, sell or transfer their image rights under this License.
» The "Licensed Image(s)" shall not be incorporated into a logo, trademark, service mark or used as part of another image.
» The "Licensed Image(s)" shall not be used in a pornographic, defamatory, libellous or otherwise illegal manner.


Our current minimum "Licensing Fee" for most single digital images is $150.00 USD payable by credit card. We accept payments through PayPal only at this time.

The "Licensing Fee" may be invoiced at a higher rate depending on the "Licensed Purpose". Fee rates are negotiable, with the exception of our minimum, and will be agreed upon by all parties prior to the grant of the License and before charges are incurred.

If you are interested in acquiring a License for one or more of our digital images, please send us an email with a description and purpose for which the image(s) will be used. Also include any questions which you may have regarding the License or image(s). We will then send you an email response with all the particulars and a special Web site address (URL) where you can make your payment.

Please send all License requests to: niteman@upallnitestudios.com

Solution Graphics

"Why do you charge a Licensing Fee for use of your digital images?"

Very often our visitors ask this question.
Quite frankly, the production of digital images costs money.
Money for:
- computers and peripherals (also their maintenance and upgrades),
- various types of graphic software (and updates),
- annual domain fees, hosting fees, and internet fees ... to make our art available for viewing to the Web community,
- and our time ... keeping in mind that quite a number of man-hours went into the creation of these images.
The above is by no means a definitive list but should provide you with some insight as to the "why".

There are plenty of sites on the Web that offer free clip art, free desktop wallpaper, free logos or other free images.
If your interest is in that type of material, please seek out those sites.
Our digital art has not been created for that purpose.

Bandwidth and/or Copyright thieves will not be tolerated!

"Hotlinking" steals bandwidth from us which is a cost to our Web site.
If you are not sure what "hotlinking" is, research it through Google and educate yourself. Our Web stats provide us with the information regarding these "hotlink requests" to our server and their origin. We will take the necessary steps to make sure that this does not continue.

As for copyright, please note that we will pursue all unlicensed uses of our copyrighted digital images, as well as all other content owned by
Up All Nite Digital Art Studios, aggressively enforcing our intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including seeking criminal prosecution. Digital watermarking technology is currently tracking all our images to assist us with locating copyright violations.
The minimum charge for unauthorized use of any of our copyrighted digital images is $1000.00 plus legal fees and associated costs.
Our attorney always welcomes the additional work.

Some product images, graphics and advertising banners in
The Store are the property of their respective owners.

Retro games courtesy of Neave Games...Thanks Paul!
Click on this link to get games for your Web site.

Free Zombie Game Pack for Webmasters available here.

All retro & zombie game copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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