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DEM & SDTS Resources

DEM's, Digital Elevation Models, can be imported into Bryce
and used instead of the usual terrains/mountains that Bryce produces.
They consist of an array of elevations for ground positions that are usually at regularly
spaced intervals. The basic elevation model is produced by the Defense Mapping Agency
using cartographic and photographic sources and consists primarily of US locations.
Elevations are in meters relative to mean sea level.

STDS, Spatial Data Transfer Standard, is the new USGS format for DEM files.

Bryce 4 users can now directly import .DEM & .DDF files.

[Bryce 3 users will have to obtain a utility and convert these files to a
format other than .DEM before importing them into Bryce.]


DEM o'Graphics Getting DEMs into Bryce 4 and other useful information.
Shaded Relief 1 How to open large-format DEMs in Bryce by Tom Patterson of the US National Park Service.
Shaded Relief 2 How to import large-format 16-bit DEMs
into Bryce 5.
Shaded Relief 3 DEM Manipulation with BSmooth.
USGS Digital Elevation Model Data Explanation and information.

USGS DEM files, info, utilities.
USGS Index Map Hyperlink map that you can use to locate
DEM's of specific US locations.
USGS Official SDTS Information Site Check out all the information on this USGS format that will become the new standard.
Using DEM's in Bryce 4 A Bryce 4 tutorial that will teach you the basics of how to find, download, decompress, import and use DEM's and SDTS/DEM's ..... with screenshots and easy to follow instructions.


DEM & SDTS Files ATDI Downloads

DEM's for all California areas

Finding United States DEM's

USGS DEM's by state

The above sites will usually have both compressed and uncompressed DEM files.
Most of the time uncompressed DEM files are quite large and take some time to download.

Compressed DEM files are smaller and quicker to download
but are in a format that may be new to some.

The format is called "gunzip", and you will see .gz or .tar.gz on the end of these files.
WinZip for PC or Stuffit Expander for Mac should decompress these files with no problem.


DEM Conversion Apps
for Bryce 3 users
DEMvert - PC freeware utility.
[Source Unknown]

DEMview - Mac freeware utility.
[Source Unknown]

DEM Reader - Mac shareware utility.
SDTS2DEM The sdts2dem program translates USGS DEM files from SDTS format to "native" format. It is in the public domain and may be freely redistributed.

DEMvert & DEMview are difficult, if not impossible, to find on the Net,
so I have made them available for download directly from this site.
These files are provided "AS IS" and Up All Nite is not responsible
for issues arising from their use on your system.


3DEM 3DEM is a freeware program that will produce three dimensional terrain scenes and flyby animations from a wide variety of freely available data sources including USGS Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). 3DEM will export terrain data as USGS DEMs.
BSmooth BSmooth is a specialized 2.5D modeler that creates terrains in high resolution. It's exspecially useful in connection with Bryce. BSmooth creates native Bryce scene files that contain a terrain in full vertical resolution (16-bit) and can be merged into existing scenes or used as basis for creating new ones. Beside this it can create 16-bit Photoshop files or DXF files.

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