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Materials & objects below will work with Mac/PC versions of Bryce 4.
No testing has been performed on any other version of Bryce.
[Files have been virus checked...I suggest you do also.]

Ripple Rock MAT Example Ripple Rock [MAT]
Source: Up All Nite DAS.

Looks a little like chocolate/chocolate ripple ice cream. Great for stones, rocks and caves ... possibly strange tree bark.

.mat file 68K
[right click icon to save & download]

Metal Plates MAT Example Metal Plates, w/rivets [MAT]
Source: Unknown.

Not exactly sure where this came from. Impossible to find on the Net. Great material...Enjoy!

.mat file 220K
[right click icon to save & download]

Head Wavefront OBJ Example Head Object [OBJ]
Source: Up All Nite DAS.

Need to get a_head? ;-)
Wavefront OBJ file can be imported into Bryce for your projects. Texture not included. Ungroup to texture parts.

Self-extracting file
Mac 268K PC 272K
[right click link to save & download]

Crystals OBP Example Crystals [OBP]
Source: Unknown.

Duplicate, rotate, resize,
ungroup and/or texture.

.obp file 60K
[right click icon to save & download]

The Galactic Preset Collection
MAT Files for Bryce Space Scenes

Galactic Purple Galactic Green/Gold Galactic Blue Galactic Red Galactic Starfield Galactic Red Giant

More free stuff may be found at 3D Cafe, 3D Commune, PlanIt 3D and Renderosity.
Looking for free textures? ... Try Ultimate 3D Links.

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