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Creating Planets with Rings - Part I
A tutorial for PC or Mac using Bryce 4 or Bryce 3.1

Sky and Fog Palette

Purple Haze Material Select the Sky & Fog palette and pick a backdrop for your ringed planet. For this tutorial I chose Purple Haze. Some people say that I really like purple.....
but you couldn't tell it by looking at my site. ;-)

Sphere #1 Sphere #2

Flattened Sphere Repositioned Sphere
Create a sphere which we will call Sphere #1.

Now duplicate that sphere by pressing CTRL-D on your keyboard.
[z D for Mac]
The duplicate we will refer to as Sphere #2.

Flatten Sphere #2 by dragging left on the
Y axis
and reposition by moving to the center of Sphere #1.

Edit Palette

Select the Edit palette and enlarge Sphere #2 to suitable proportions.
Then rotate on the X axis until you are satisfied with the angle.

Sphere #2 - Enlarged & Rotated


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