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Red Giants for Space Scenes - Part I
A tutorial for PC or Mac using Bryce 4 or Bryce 3.1

For this tutorial, I have created a set of 6 free Bryce material presets
that you can use for the space background and the Red Giant.

My suggestion is to download and install the presets
prior to working through this tutorial.

The download file has been compressed for quick download
and installation instructions are included.

Preview the free presets here prior to downloading.

Download the PC .zip file - 60K

Download the Mac .sit file - 60K

The preset [.mat] files are fully compatible with both
Mac or PC versions of Bryce 6, Bryce 5, Bryce 4 or Bryce 3D.

Let's start by creating the galactic background for your scene.

Sky and Fog Palette

Simple Black Background First, select the Sky & Fog palette and pick Simple Black Background for your Red Giant. This will give you the perfect start for your space scene and ensure that no horizon line appears in your image.

Ground Plane Click on the ground plane to select it.

Now click on the to bring up the Object Attributes window.
Attributes Enter the numbers shown for
X & Z Position and X & Z Rotate.

Tip: The position of the ground plane has a lot to do with how the background will look.
Try entering number combinations from -100/100 to -2000/2000 to achieve different effects.

Tweaking the X & Z settings is encouraged. A few quick renders will satisfy your curiosity and give you the perfect background for your scene.

Edit Palette

Galactic Purple Preset Now select the Edit Palette and locate the Galactic presets that you imported earlier.

Click on the preset of your choice or use one of your own. For this tutorial I chose Galactic Purple.

Below is an example of what you might see thus far.
Pretty cool, huh?

Purple Galactic Background


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