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Using DEM's in Bryce 4 - Part I
A tutorial for PC or Mac using Bryce 4

This Tutorial is currently out of date and being revised ...
however you should be able to obtain enough information to learn
what you need to know to import and use DEM's in Bryce.

The download files are available ... but links to the USGS Web site will
probably not work. We will try and get the tutorial revised as soon
as possible. If you have any ideas or links that would help ...
please do not hesitate to send us an email.
Thank you for your patience.

Additional info is available on our DEM & SDTS Resources page.

DEM's and SDTS/DEM's can now be imported directly into Bryce 4.
This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to find, download,
decompress, import and use .DEM and .DDF files in your images.

First, let's complete an exercise using a DEM file.

Go to the USGS GeoData website --

USGS DEM Info Scroll down the US GeoData page until you see the section shown at left.

Click on FTP via Alphabetical List. Once you see the list, scroll down to the letter "R" and click on it.

When you get the "R" list, scroll down to the file rocky_mount-e.gz and click on it to download and save.

You can also download the rocky_mount-e.gz file by clicking here.
[If you have problems downloading the file,
you may need to right click the link and "Save As".]

I chose a particular file for this tutorial because of its small size.
[By clicking on "FTP via State" or "FTP via Graphics",
you will also find DEM files for download.]

Important Note: At this point and before we go on, it is necessary to
discuss the file that you just saved to your hard drive and its file format.

The file format is called gunzip, and you will notice that
the file has a .gz extension. Bascially all you need to know is that
this type of file is tightly compressed which makes for a faster download.
Uncompressed DEM files are quite large..... as you are about to discover.

Now we need to decompress the rocky_mount-e.gz file before we can use it.
To do so, you must have a utility like WinZip or StuffIt Expander.

If you are using a PC, once the file is decompressed, you must make sure
the file ends with .dem [i.e., rocky_mount-e.dem]. Rename if necessary.

For Mac users it's very simple, just decompress the file,
and Bryce 4 will automatically recognize the format when you import.

Prior to decompression our test file is 138k.....after, it's over 9MB. Wow!


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