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Keyboard Shortcuts for Bryce
for PC or Mac using Bryce 4 or Bryce 3.1

If you spend as much time as I do in front of a computer with your hand
constantly on the mouse, then these keyboard shortcuts will not only
save you some time, but also help you prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Print this page and keep it handy!

The Interface
Exit Dialog Without Change Escape Escape
Exit Dialog With Change Enter/Return Enter/Return
Don't Save D D
Edit & Selection
Select All Ctrl A A
Invert Selection Ctrl Shift A Shift A
Undo/Redo Ctrl Z Z
Duplicate Ctrl D D
Replicate Alt D Opt D
Multi-Replicate Shift Alt D Shift Opt D
Group Ctrl G G
Ungroup Ctrl U U
Step Thru Objects Tab Tab
Rotate Ctrl Drag Drag
Rotate by 45 Shift Drag Shift Drag
Nudge X 1/4 Left/Right Arrows Left/Right Arrows
Nudge Z 1/4 Up/Down Arrows Up/Down Arrows
Nudge Y 1/4 Page Up/Down Page Up/Down
Nudge 1/2 Shift Nudge Shift Nudge
Nudge 1 Opt Nudge Opt Nudge
Open Materials Lab Ctrl M M
Open Terrain Editor Ctrl E E
Open Advanced Motion Lab Ctrl T T
Open Sky Lab [Bryce 4] Ctrl K K
Open Unique Editor Ctrl E E
Open Object Attributes Ctrl Alt E Opt E
Camera & View
Fly Around Ctrl Y Y
Zoom Fly Around Ctrl Move Mouse Ctrl Move Mouse
Pause Fly Around Spacebar Spacebar
Terminate Fly Around Mouse Click Mouse Click
Term Fly Around/Retain View Return/Enter Return/Enter
Director's View ~ ~
Camera View 1 1
Top View 2 2
Right View 3 3
Front View 4 4
Rotate Camera Ctrl Arrow Ctrl Arrow
Materials Lab
Launch Materials Lab Ctrl M M
Copy Material Ctrl C C
Paste Material Ctrl V V
Numeric Entry Tab Tab

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